The Flagstamp Story

It all started with a promise...

When I first met my German grandmother-in-law, I promised her that I would learn german.  I wanted to show respect and communicate with her. I've always had meaningful multicultural relationships, but this moment started it all. The empowerment and excitement of a new tongue inspired me to do something for cultural communities and initiatives. I knew cultural passion to connect exists.  I just had to figure out how to give it a home.

Out of Atlanta, Ga, we started to fly our flags in the fall of 2011. The motivating thought was, “culture is part of what makes you unique.” Consequently, Flagstamp® was developed to help people connect with opportunities that address, enhance and satisfy their individual nature. Our team follows this philosophy.  We've made a commitment to provide our members with a specialized networking service that meets their diverse cultural needs.  Flagstamp® understands our responsibility to help members engage and express their multicultural interests. We also realize that communication and learning is important inside as well as outside of their social circles.  We also want to help our network of organizations and businesses develop and market their services for our diverse community.We also want to help students develop their cultural and business networking skills.

Flagstamp® understands its responsibility as a cultural network. Flagstamp® wants to engage the various elements of cultural experience.  Areas such as social organization, customs/traditions, language, arts/literature, religion, government/politics, economic systems and entertainment are important to this consideration. Flagstamp® helps our members to move from a passive spectator to an active participant.  We believe in taking them from the absorption of entertainment and aesthetics to escape through education and immersion. We also want to help our network of organizations and businesses develop and market their services for our diverse community.  This initiative is essential to our goal of helping young people develop their cultural and business networking skills.


Flagstamp® invites you to take a look and see what you think.  I would love to add you and your organization to the Flagstamp® Family. It’s young and growing so there is much more to come. Here's your chance to forge a deeper connection with the world.  Your support is deeply appreciated and we'll strive to respect and nurture our ongoing relationship.  Joining our journey will allow you the chance to broadcast and share a commitment to the ultimate ideal of global unity through local education, awareness, and cooperation.

Understand this is more than just social media, it's service media.  We're not only a social network, we're a service network as well. That means we're here to serve YOU!

Take the time to help others understand you by sharing who you really are.


It’s time to stamp your flag at Flagstamp®!  



Thank you,

Karlos Walkes