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  • Now We're Cooking! - the movie Health & Wellness
  • Inspiring people to get back in the kitchen and cook together, to make informed decisions about what they eat, and to support the development of our local food systems.
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Now We're Cooking! - the movie

  • Michael Ames
    Michael Ames: Welcome to Now We're Cooking! - the movie, my project dedicated to bringing people together via food to build community.  Helping people make informed decisions about the food they eat, and promoting the development of local food systems.  The idea eventu...  more
    Now We're Cooking! the Movie | Creating Community in the Kitchen
    • July 17, 2013
  • Michael Ames
    Michael Ames: Consider yourself, family, and friends invited to our upcoming virtual community-building event, Cook-IN' - As Hot As You Can Handle It!  Happening in your kitchen and kitchens around the world.  Grab the family, your friends, your neighbors and plan to c...  more
    • July 17, 2013