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Inspiring people to get back in the kitchen and cook together, to make informed decisions about what they eat, and to support the development of our local food systems.
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NOW WE’RE COOKING! Creating Community in the Kitchen is a fun, informative documentary profiling creative ways people come together using local resources to cook, build community, and benefit from eating fresh, healthy food.  Recent documentaries have successfully raised awareness of the importance of growing and eating healthy, local, sustainably-grown food.  Yet many people just don’t know what ...to do with this food – the past few generations have increasingly relied on others to prepare their meals.  We’ll visit several “community kitchen” pioneers to capture their innovative approaches to get people cooking, then serve up a feast of a story to spark the creative spirit of our viewers and inspire them back into their own kitchens!

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NWC LogoFind our NOW WE'RE COOKING-the movie group on the Flagstamp Cultural Exchange Platform.  Here, we encourage people to cook together and share their unique backgrounds.  Cultural cooking will reveal our differences actual lead us to discover shared similarities. Culturally cooking together is fun, it builds relationships & community, and it helps us share accumulated knowledge across generations & cultures.  And that’s what we hope to accomplish with our Flagstamp Family!                                    



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Here's your chance to stamp the flag that best represents your cultural dishes.  So, what are you waiting for?  Someone out there is ready cook with you so they may connect with you.  Your cultural cooking flag will help others explore, learn and celebrate all the wonderful things that "cooked up" the unique you!